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We founded The Vision Room with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, stylish online Urban Eyewear store for our diverse customer base.

We know the small details matter so the feeling that comes from wearing our frames is beyond belief. 

We also strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible. Check it out for yourself, enjoy the experience!

  • How should I care for my sunglasses?
    Keeping your sunglasses clean with help them - and you - look great and perform well. However, premium sunglasses, and especially their lenses, require careful treatment. Improper care can damage lenses resulting in scratches or haziness. The best way to clean your sunglasses is by gently rubbing them with a lens cleaning cloth and a liquid cleaner specifically designed for eyewear lenses or with a pre-moistened lens towelette. To avoid damage, never clean your sunglasses with paper towels or clothing, which can grind dust and fibers into lenses and leave scratches. Also, avoid using household detergents or soaps. While a few mild soaps don't harm lenses, today's extra strength soaps are powerful enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings. Glass cleaners especially are highly corrosive and can damage your lenses quickly. They are not designed for use on the non-glass lens materials used in sunglasses.
  • How long will it take to receive my item?
    We offer multiple shipping options that are presented at checkout. Shipping ranges from 2-7 business days. Our processing time is 1-2 business days.
  • Returns and Exchanges
    If you are unhappy with your purchase, we are more than happy to exchange it for an item of equal value. We are a small business, so we are unable to cover the shipping cost to exchange any products. Shipping costs will be covered by the buyer. If you are exchanging a product and it arrives broken, we are unable to exchange it. We would highly suggest insuring the package. If you received a broken product please email a photo and description of the damages to Please notify us within 7 days of your delivery if you would like to exchange a product. As a small business, we are unable to have products returned.
  • How can I order accessories or cleaning supplies?
    We have cleaning kits available online for purchase. Simply search for “clean!"
  • Do your sunglasses protect against ultraviolet rays?
    All of our sunglasses protect against UV rays.
  • How do I become featured on your Facebook or Instagram?
    Find us on all social sites @TheRealVisionRoom. Tag us in your post, and we will feature you on our story or page!
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